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Benefits of Owning a Home in Cashiers, NC


If you’re living in the city and looking for a vacation home in a quieter, more natural environment, a mountain home in Cashiers, NC could be the perfect opportunity for you to escape the urban world. Set among the idyllic Blue Ridge Mountains, Cashiers lies among luscious greenery and offers activities year round.

In addition to mountainous activities like hiking and biking, Cashiers boasts a number of rivers and waterfalls that make for perfect spots for water activities in the warmer summer months. If you’re looking for a winter retreat, the local mountains make for wonderful skiing or snowboarding spots. Cashiers is an ideal vacation spot — regardless of the time of year. Keep reading to find out if Cashiers is the right place for you to buy a vacation home!

Immerse yourself in nature

The Village Green

One of the local favorite spots, The Village Green is a 13.2-acre park that acts as a community hub for the town. The park is a combination of grassy lawns perfect for picnics and outdoor activities and wilder paths and trails that weave through forests and wetlands. In addition to its immersive natural beauty, The Village Green is host to a rotation of fun, enriching activities for all. Among these is a farmers market where local vendors sell fresh, ethically grown meat, dairy, eggs, baked goods and more. The Village Green also hosts numerous concerts, cultural events, and educational and community programs.

Lake Glenville

Lake Glenville is one of Cashiers’ most stunning locations. With numerous waterfalls located nearby, Lake Glenville offers wonderful sights and hiking opportunities for you to enjoy. With over 26 miles of shoreline, Lake Glenville is a local favorite for summer activities, and it’s a wonderful place to take a fishing trip, relax on a sandy beach or spend a day lounging on a boat.

There’s a town too!

Though many are drawn to homes for sale in Cashiers County, NC because of the local nature, the town itself is packed with charm and character, and it’s home to a close-knit community that has something to offer for everyone. The area is easy to navigate and holds boutique stores, antique shops and various other fun stores to explore and enjoy. Cashiers is also well-known for its food. There are an abundance of restaurants to indulge in, and many of them use only the freshest ingredients from the local farmers market.

Cashiers is also abundant with recreational opportunities for its more active residents and guests. Golf is one of the local favorite activities - there are many courses to choose from for anyone looking to make use of their clubs - and tennis is among the more popular activities in the small town. Other nature-inspired activities include scenic walking, hiking and biking. If you’re interested in activities that are more culturally enriching, the town features music venues and concerts — both indoors and outdoors.


Enjoy the local history

Grimshawes Post Office

Among all of the charm and character of this small town rests some fascinating history for residents and guests to explore. Just south of Cashiers, find the smallest post office in the United States. Standing at approximately 30 square feet, the post office served locals for about 70 years from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century. The building is a small reminder of what the area used to be like, and it's a fascinating dive into the local history.


Zachary-Tolbert House

This 1852 home stood strong for over 150 years without electricity, plumbing or heating. Kept in pristine condition, this historic building, which now serves as a museum, offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about the local lifestyle through the years. The beautiful architecture and luscious surroundings make for a picturesque backdrop to this time capsule experience. Take a tour of the home and learn about its unique history, or just enjoy the walking trails around the house and take in the sights.

Cashiers, North Carolina by the numbers

According to the 2020 Census, Cashiers has a population of 728 people — making this destination perfect for anyone really looking to escape the city in favor of a quieter, slower style of life. In the peak months of May through October, however, this quiet town houses up to 25,000 people. The average cost of a property in Cashiers, North Carolina sits at about $220,000. Homes in this area are a comfortable balance between luxury and affordability, especially compared to properties in other, more expensive regions in the country. Statewide, North Carolina has proven to be a good place to invest, with property values increasing by about 5% in 2020.

Interested in homes for sale in Cashiers County, NC?

If you think a home in Cashiers County is right for you or you’re interested in learning more about the area and its real estate market, reach out to the realtors at Cashiers Valley Real Estate to begin the process of finding your new vacation home.

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